We’re moving to Montana!!

We’ve been slow to update the website, but we have big news… Beginning in August 2015, the Cheviron Lab will relocate to the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Montana!! We’re really excited about the new opportunities available at UM, but will be sad to leave great friends and colleagues at UIUC.

New postdocs!

The Cheviron lab welcomed two new postdocs to the lab this spring/summer. Jon Velotta comes to us from Eric Schultz’s lab at UConn where he worked on osmoregulatory adaptations in newly established populations of alewives in Connecticut. Shane Campbell-Staton comes to us from the Losos and Edwards labs at Harvard where he worked on the evolution of cold tolerance in the green anole.  In the Cheviron Lab, both Shane and Jon will be working on the genetics and genomics of adaptation to hypoxic cold stress in deer mice.  Welcome guys!!

New lab publications

We’ve had a few new papers come out recently. You can download pdfs here.

Jones, M.R., Z.A. Cheviron, & M.D. Carling. Altitudinal variation in positively selected major histocompatibility class I loci in the rufous-collared sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis). In press. Immunogenetics.

Cheviron, Z.A., C. Natarajan, J. Projecto-Garcia, #D.K. Eddy, J. Jones, M.D. Carling, C.C. Witt, H. Moriyama, R.E. Weber, A. Fago, & J.F. Storz. Integrating evolutionary and functional analyses to test hypotheses about molecular adaptation: A case study of altitudinal differentiation in hemoglobin function in an Andean Sparrow, Zonotrichia capensis. In press. Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Pollock, H.P, Z.A. Cheviron, T.J. Agin, & J.D. Brawn. The role of microclimate variation in the habitat selection of Neotropical understory insectivorous birds. In press. Biological Conservation.