Paper 12

Cheviron, Z.A., & R.T. Brumfield. 2012. Genomic insights into high-altitude adaptation in vertebrates. Heredity 108:354-361. [pdf]


Paper 15

Cheviron, Z.A., G. Bachman, A Connaty, G. McClelland, & J.F. Storz. 2012. Regulatory changes contribute to the adaptive enhancement of thermogenic capacity in deer mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 109:8635-8640. [pdf*selected by the Faculty of 1000.

Paper 20

Cheviron, Z.A., A.D. Connaty, G.B. McClelland, & J.F. Storz. 2014. Functional genomics of adaptation to hypoxic cold-stress in high-altitude deer mice: transcriptomic plasticity and thermogenic performance. Evolution 68:48-62. [pdf] [cover]